The Power Of Being Grateful

This time of year we naturally think of being more grateful for our blessings. This season provides the opportunity to hit the “restart” button and reminds of to be thankful for the people and things in our lives that we appreciate. Lately, I have been more challenged to step up my game in being grateful…


The Danger Of Believing Lies

Lately, I have been reading the story of God creating Adam and Eve and have noticed how much we have in common with them today. Not much has changed over thousands of years and I believe that looking at the story of creation, the fall, and redemption of man will greatly impact the amount of…


The Necessity Of The Anointing

Serving at church recently made me realize the absolute necessity of the anointing of the Spirit of God. While I have known that as Christians we need to be able to access the tangible presence of God, what I experienced the other night further cemented the truth that without the anointing, no lasting or eternal…